Az Spa and Hot Tub Movers removing a spa through a narrow gate wayAZ Spa & Hot Tub Movers is a full service specialist company in the installation, relocation, delivery or disposal of your spa or hot tub. With over 20 years of experience, the professional staff and the proper equipment to do the job, our expertise can ensure that your spa or hot tub will arrive safely and undamaged to its new location. With minimum disruption and fuss, we do the heavy work for you.
When you purchase a new or pre-owned spa, most homeowners do not realize just how large, heavy, cumbersome and fragile spas and hot tubs are to get to that perfect spot to enjoy. Do it yourselfers often find that without the proper equipment, they end up with a damaged unit, personal injury, or damage to their home. Most home furnishing movers do not have the experience or correct equipment to do a professional relocation of a spa or hot tub. Let us do what we do best! We are the spa and hot tub relocation experts!
Have an old spa that needs to be removed? We can safely remove and haul it away for you. Contact us today for a quote.
We primarily service the Phoenix Metro areas, but also provide service to all locations in Arizona. We are fully licensed, registered and insured in Arizona. We are a member in good standing with Better Business Bureau (BBB) of AZ Spa Transporting and Moving Services, Spa Tub Relocating & Delivery Services and Spa Removal & Disposal Services.
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