There are a number of things to consider prior to the delivery or relocation of your spa/hot tub.
*Site selection 
      Site selection and preparation are your responsibility
      Should be level and structurally sound-A minimum of 100 lb/sq. ft load is recommended [Consult your owners manual].
      Equipment compartment, which houses all of the electrical components, should be placed where water will drain away from it.
      Need access to the equipment compartment for periodic spa care and maintenance.
      Easy access to the circuit breakers in the sub-panel [240 volt models, or to the interrupter switch [120 volt models] is a must.
      Electrical service needs-120 volt models will need a dedicated circuit to operate properly. 
      Should consider future servicing needs-Enclosures are nice, but could be cost prohibitive when service is needed.
Az Spa and Hot Tub Movers need to plan the route in advance for placement or removal.Az Spa and Hot Tub Movers need to plan the route in advance for placement or removal.
Consider the position of your Spa/Hot Tub in it's final location. Plan the delivery route in advance for the placement of your Spa/Hot Tub.
       Seating arrangement and view-what are you seeing from your seat, and how private is the site?
       Access and placement of the steps-how easy is it to get in and out of the spa/hot tub?
       Direction of the opened cover-when opening the cover, are there obstructions?
       Drain spouts, filter and control panel access-are these easily accessible?
       What is overhead [falling leaves, wind blown rain/debris, power and electrical lines] 
       Can your neighbors see you?-consider an awning, umbrella, lattice or fabric curtains for privacy.
       Are you in full sun? UV rays make getting sunburns dangerous.
*Delivery route
       Width of gates, doors and sidewalks-are there any obstructions? Will removal be necessary?
       Degree of any turns-delivery will require a 90 degree turn radius
       Utility meters or A/C units-are there any that will obstruct delivery?
       Are there any overhead obstructions-roof eaves, power lines, clothes lines or overhanging trees and branches
*Structural Obstructions
       Stairs and corner clearances
       Pools, shrubs, landscaping rocks
       Furniture, trash cans, fire pits dog houses, wood piles and other miscellaneous items are your responsibility to move       
       Landscape curbing or 2 inches larger in elevation change? If so, you must consult us prior to delivery to make adequate preparations.
*Delivery Access
        Spa/hot tub is moved as one piece, including the exterior cabinet.
        The cart will raise heighth by an additonal 12 inches and add width of an additonal 4-6 inches width clearance.
        Heighth of cart (12 inches) plus width will deterine vertical clearance needed when spa is on side for a single gate.
        Heighth plus 4-6 inches will determine minimum width of clearance necessary.
        Sharp turns and angles will need additional width clearance.
        Is there an incline or stairs? Allow for additional overhead clearance.
*Special Circumstances
       The use of a crane for delivery and installation is necessary on occasion and primarily for spa deliveries with inadequate access to prevent  damage to your property, spa and injury to delivery personnel. We are able to assist you with crane arrangements. If your Spa/Hot Tub delivery requires the use of a crane, the cost of a crane is not included in standard delivery service. Customer will be responsible for payment to the crane company directly.
       Spa/hot tub must be fully drained and disconnected prior to relocation. [$100 fee if not drained]
       For disconnection, we recommend the use of a licensed electrician. We can refer an electrician if needed. 
Are you needing an old spa/hot tub hauled away at the time of installation? If so, we will need to know that in advance of delivery. There will be an additional fee for the removal and haul away of the old spa/hot tub.

Delivery Access - Backyard Delivery information. Az Spa and Hot Tub Movers working around obstacles.


Consider the position of your Spa/Hot Tubs final location.  Plan the delivery route in advance for the placement of your Spa/Hot Tub.

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